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Frequently Asked Questions

From what age can my child attend?

Queen Marys Nursery provides full day care for children aged 3 months to 5 years.
At Clocktower, Quetta Park and Toye Box children can attend from aged 2 years to 5 years for term time only.

How much does it cost to put my child into the pre-school/nursery?

This will vary depending on your child’s age and number of days they attend, please contact the setting directly for current fees.

Do you accept children from non-service families?

We have a limited number of spaces for children from non-service families, however 90% of our children must come from service families or from civilians associated with the armed forces.

Does my child have to come every day?

No. You can choose the number of sessions/days your child comes to the setting, please speak to the setting manager to discuss your needs.

What funding do you accept?

All four settings accept 2 year old funding if your child qualifies for it, for more information please speak to the setting manager or go to the Hants website

We accept children aged 3 and 4 years in receipt of early years education funding. However, in the pre-schools 30 hour places are limited.

What should my child bring with them to preschool?

Your child will need to bring with them a spare change of clothes and suitable shoes to play indoors. They will also need to bring wellingtons for outside play on rainy days. Please label spare cloths and wellingtons.

They will need a named water bottle for drinks during the day. You will need to bring a healthy snack for your child if attending the pre-schools.
You will also need to provide spare nappies and wipes and cream if your child is still in nappies.

What should my child wear to the Nursery and Pre-School?

We do not have a specific uniform but polo shirts with the setting logo can be purchased through (then search for the setting required). Please make sure children do not wear precious clothes, as our motto is ‘Dress for Mess’. Your child will get messy as they play.

What is Free flow?

Free flow means that the children can move around the setting and can choose their own activities either inside or outside. All our settings offer continuous provision, this means that the activities/resources are available all the time. Adult lead activities are also available throughout the session/day and children are encouraged to join in with these activities.
Every child is unique and learns at their own pace so using a key person system allows the staff to get to know each child in their key group and plan an individual learning journey for them.

As a parent can I be involved at the nursery and pre-school?

Yes, you are welcome to come to the nursery/preschool and share your skills and cultures or help with reading stories and playing alongside the children subject to safeguarding guidance. We are a registered charity and welcome a parent trustee volunteer from each setting to be part of the committee.

How are parents made aware of the children’s progress?

Every child will have a key person who works alongside them to ensure they are progressing.  We use Tapestry, an online electronic tool, for recording observations and children’s progress. Parents are able to see their child’s record and add to them from home. Termly meetings are arranged to update parents of their children’s progress and discuss next steps in learning. Parents are invited to come in and speak with the manager or a staff member at a prearranged time if they have any worries or concerns.